Getting Tasty in my Old Age

I love living so close to such a great camping spot…

Tonight I led the house on the bike around 17:00, with the SUP and camping gear all loaded and in place.    On the way I stopped at the Kokufu supermarket to pick up beer, ice, and food. While I was there I was approached by an old Japanese guy. Turns out he was not there for shopping: he had just seen my bike and wanted to stop for a chat. Such interactions are a bit rate out this way, so I happily gave the old guy 30 minutes of my time.  We chatted about bikes, the challenges of living abroad (he spends a lot of time in Indonesia) and there was a good ten-minute rant there at the end about how Abe is destroying Japan, or something along those lines…  As such, I was running a bit late when I arrived at the camp site tonight. By the time the tent and tarp were up, and the SUP was properly inflated, the sun had already set.   So rather than going for a paddle in the dark I just settled in for some ramen, beer, and perhaps a good book. Note to self: ALWAYS bring along bug spray or mosquito coils just in case. While I used to be under the impression that Japanese mosquitoes just didn’t find me to their liking, it seems I have gotten tasty in my old age. 

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