A Night in Kushiro

Last night we stayed in a nice little dorm like place, the 坂の上会館 (“The Meeting Place at the Top of the Hill”).. After I took care of some errands at a local coin laundry, we wandered downtown to grab some dinner and drinks.

The town has a bit of a European feel, with the broad river and riverside shops. 20130913-072914.jpg

We wandered the streets a bit before coming upon the restaurant which Gary had found online, 居酒屋たぁ. This place was great…
Before we even sat down I spotted a monster skewer of pork on a neighboring table, and I had to order one right away. The portions in this place are simply out of scale. As the food piled up I decided to take a panorama shot as a small jibe at Gary, who has a terrible panorama habit. Seriously. The guy has been taking about 30 panoramas a day…
20130913-072949.jpgWe walked back to the dorm in a nice fog, which really drove home the European feel. I look forward to coming back to Kushiro again someday.

2 thoughts on “A Night in Kushiro

  1. Good to see you writing a blog again, Steve! You look happy.

    Kushiro is a wonderful place, but it’s miserably cold in the winter… in a very damp way. Have you been to the Kushiro Marshes yet? They’re unforgettable.

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